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Thursday Pre-Party – January 21st, 2016

Thursday is our weekly Lindy Hop Dance. Like last year, Holy Lindy Land will host us for a wonderful “BLINDY” pre-party. What is BLINDY you ask? Blues + Lindy Hop = BLINDY! 
Entrance fee: 25 ILS (5 euro)
Venue: Bikurey Ha’itim Center, Studio E, 2nd floor.
Address: 6 Heftman Street, Tel Aviv

Friday Opening Party – January 22nd, 2016FeelinBlues006

During the night our main venue changes its colors and transffers into a great and specious venue with an amazing atmosphere and wooden floors. BYOB (Bring your own bottle)
Venue: Bikurei Ha’itim Center – Main ballroom
Address: 6 Heftman st, Tel Aviv

Saturday Night – “Out of the Box” party – January 23RD, 2016

The Zone האזורA one of a kind night! Probably not what you are used to. This night is full of live music shows, all night long!The music will be anything from Juke joint blues, ballrooming blues, electric blues, blues-rock and more! Bring along your good mood and prepare yourself for a once-in-a-life-time experience.
Time: 22:00-Last person standing
Venue: The Zone – Ha’Ezor
Address: 13 Ha’Rechev Street, Tel Aviv.

Sunday “Closing night” – January 24th, 2016

We will end our awesome festival at the new and unique “Complex” club. This place has a great atmosphere and an amazing wooden floor.
Time: 22:00-Last person standing
Venue: The Complex
Address: 2 Karlibach St, Tel Aviv.

Monday “Fusion After Party” – January 25th, 2015

DCPOur Annual “Fusion” after party at the “Dancing Camel Pub”. This is a unique place, a small brewery located at the heart of Tel Aviv. We will drink, eat and dance the night away.
Time: 22:00-04:00
Venue: The Dancing Camel Pub.
Address: 12 Ha’taasiya Street, Tel Aviv.