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djing (1)Aaron “Fluff” Saunders –

You’ve probably seen Londoner Fluff at pretty much every event in Europe in the last year! Fluff has been tearing up DJ decks at Blues events far and wide. He’s entertained dancers as a guest DJ at Feelin Blues-Tel Aviv, Blossom Blues and Sideways -Switzerland, American Blues Classic-Hamburg, Blues Delirium – Paris, EBI & BBB – London, Crave – Dublin, The Cork Jazz Dance Exchange, Livin the Blues – Aberdeen & Mariachi- Edinburgh. Another teacher who also is a DJ, his passion for Blues comes from spending over 20 years of learning and playing Blues on various instruments. He’s always hunting for new and interesting tunes, digging out tracks to thrill the dance floor or hunting down artists who nail that Bluesy vibe. He can be found seeking out London’s best up and coming artist well as running workshops at BluesShift in Oval.

Jered MorinJered Morin –

Feel like dancing? With over 13 years experience filling up dance floors around the globe, Jered is a highly sought-after DJ. Appearing at the earliest US Blues Festivals, he’s inspired Competition dancers, managed DJ Coordination, and been on the mic as MC for some of the largest Blues & Swing events. Jered’s also an international teacher with over 11 years spent charming your raw talent out and enhancing it with his deep knowledge. You’ll find him regularly featured at workshop weekends around the world and in instructional videos. As a Choreographer, his work has been presented before Frankie Manning, at major dance festivals, and on theater stages with large acclaim. Inspiration, passion, spirit, and originality – that’s the Blues experience with Jered whether on the Teaching floor or the DJ decks.

adamo DJAdamo Ciarallo –

Adamo moved to London five years ago and discovered the blues at a late night. Now he walks, talks, breathes, teaches and DJs the stuff, running the weekly Blues In My Shoes. He has been a guest DJ at The Crave, EBI, BBE, BBB, and it’s rumored he was once spotted in his BVDs! He promises to make you feel the blues in your shoes.

Shell_DJMichelle Davies (shell)

Shell originally hails from Perth, Australia but now calls Edinburgh her home, where she has been heavily involved in the lindy and blues scenes since she caught the dancing bug. She was one of the founding members of the Edinburgh blues scene, involved in its early formation in 2006. You can regularly find her as a teacher and DJ at Edinburgh’s weekly blues night The Tuesday Night Spoonful as well as the city’s many swing and blues events.

She has DJed her way across the UK and Europe and even the occasional set in Australia and the US, especially wherever you find the blues. Shell is always seeking out new tunes to get you inspired, while never forgetting the songs that are firm dancing favourites. Expect well constructed flowing sets with a variety of music to keep you entertained. Shell has been known to keep tired dancers on the floor way after they promised they would go to bed!

DAN DJDan Repsch –

Dan’s obsession with music has been life-long. He’s taken to DJing because he loves sharing his music, inspiring other dancers, and guiding the energy of a dance. He’s constantly challenging himself to bring new material to his fellow dancers and works hard to offer a variety of music in his sets that stays true to the roots of the dance. He loves all styles of music and his sets tend more toward authentic Jazz and Blues, but he can bring the party if the dance calls for it.

JENNY DJ1Jenny Sowden –

“I know when you DJ I’ll go on a journey and be taken care of on the way” – Shira
Meet Jenny from the block, in NYC. She is an award winning international DJ and instructor who loves to create a party with music whether with Blues, Swing, Fusion, or just House Party Style incorporating vintage, ‘classic’ and modern eras. Enjoy the jams as she will be surprising and make you say ‘what is that song?!” Get ready to be inspired to create in your next dance. More info at

Ben Gladnikoff –

With close to ten years’ experience of filling soul and sixties dancefloors, Ben brought his passion for DJing to his new love, swing and blues dancing. Always amazed at the wonderful things dancers do with the music he plays for them, you often see him dancing and grooving along while spinning tracks. Hailing from the cold dark country of Sweden, Ben spent those long winter months learning how to bring joy and warmth to the frozen feet of his compatriots from behind the decks. Since moving to Israel, he has become a fixture at all of Tel-Aviv’s Swing and Blues venues, where he delights in bringing the best old and new tunes for people to enjoy.

YefimBWYefim “FIMA” Polovintchik –

Yefim’s style of DJing is strongly influenced by his love for jazz music, which he was raised with from his very childhood in Moscow. He is a regular visitor of Blues and jazz music festivals as well, so becoming a blues DJ was just a matter of time and happened at one of the international blues camps where he played spontaneously several sets. Since then he’s looking for every opportunity to deliver music to dancers. Now he lives in Israel, plays a lot for the local community and is constantly looking for new and original music, so you may hear a lot of interesting and unusual stuff within his sets. Yet, because of his connection to jazz music, classics are always there as well.

LirzaDJLiraz Shveka – DJ “ShvekAttack”

Music has always been a part of Liraz’s life. As a music teacher, introducing new music to people isn’t just a passion but also a profession. She first started DJ’ing as the office DJ, and has continued to be that at every job she ever held. Her talent and understanding of music clearly shines through and she is now one of Israel’s most appreciated and sought after Blues and Swing DJs. As a dancer, Liraz knows what makes people move and is always looking for those interesting and beautiful tunes that will inspire the dancers on the floor. From slow sorrowful soul to the powerful brass sections of New Orleans, Liraz will ensure that the floor is always filled with both dancing and emotion. 



Tal goes by many names and titles, but as an emcee you may call him Mr. Angel. Over the past decade, he has amassed considerable experience in the field, working extensively in Tel-Aviv’s cabaret scene, in children’s shows, and as the primary host for events organized by the local Blues and Lindy community – most notably Feelin’ Blues, Desert Stomp, and The Tel-Aviv Summer Swing Festival. Tal believes that it is the emcee’s job to bring a touch of humor and theatricality to a dance event, without getting in the way of what’s really important – which is the dance itself. He has become well known for his ability to meld a dry comedic delivery with touches of gospel influenced call outs, as well as for his willingness to work closely with organizers to ensure the efficient live management of events. His love for the dance community ensures that he will always be willing to go above and beyond to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for everyone both on and off the dance-floor.